Light Moves

Hi everyone, here’s my entry for the Round Robin Photo Challenges on the theme of ‘Light Moves’.

I much prefer to work with Natural Light when it comes to photography.









~ by Molly Mavis on February 21, 2009.

13 Responses to “Light Moves”

  1. Wow, awesome pics! I particularly like the last one. You’ve brought out not only the mesmerizing effect of light, but also of color as well. Thanks for crafting a wonderful blog!

  2. Very beautiful selection of light moves !!

  3. The Canada beach scene is breathtaking.
    They are all very interesting. Nice captures and girl you do get around!!
    Thanks for sharing these…wonderful!!

  4. Thank you Arti, Gattina and TJ for your comments.
    You’re my driving force behind all these.

    Will do better next time.

  5. These are all stunning photos, and excellent examples of how light moves.

  6. I must admit my favorites are the ones with water, the sun glistening off the water, the reflections all create stunning images. All were beautiful. Welcome to the Round Robin Photo Challenges.

  7. Beautiful, every one of these, but that last one is just stunning! I love the perspective, and the way the solid geometric walls frame the oddly-shaped tree. And the palette of colors is very Southwest, which is surprising in a pic from Canada!

    By the way I fixed the linking list to show your new blog only instead of both this and Holly on the Run. Nice new digs!

  8. Great photos. I love the shimmer of sunlight on water in your beach shots.

  9. breathtaking shots!

  10. Really nice photos! And I love your blog title. Thanks for the tour! The gate is especially nice!

  11. Great shots. I agree… I’d much prefer to work with natural light! I really like the bottom picture. It looks like you get to do lots of traveling. You are blessed!

    You had asked about my picture… if I used a filter in order to get the sun to make a star: Answer… no. It’s just the way the sun hit my lense. I just liked the way it looked. & yes I love to do the Round Robin Challenges! It’s made me think about things more. I like the challenge.

    Many blessings.

  12. Thanks for the mini vacation! I feel so refreshed. Great photos.

  13. Thanks for dropping by, these photos do take me down memory lane.

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