Moments In Time (Paris)


An artist indulges in the fine art of speaking without words as he paints Notre Dame de Paris on a chilly Saturday afternoon.



~ by Molly Mavis on March 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Moments In Time (Paris)”

  1. MM:

    I really like the atmosphere captured in these two pics… “indulges in the fine art of speaking without words”… what apt depiction!

  2. oh my friend you have taken me down memory lane, summer 1979, the Seine, my similar encounter recorded in words: “走過塞納河兩岸,有老畫家要停住河水,免聽歲月嗟嗟.” Your pics have spoken louder than words. Thanks for bringing back the lovely moments in time.

  3. Déjà vu perhaps……indeed, we are both going down memory lane.
    Love your writing; you are so good with words!
    One of these days, I’ll revisit Paris, care to join me?

  4. though without words, the painter is saying something … his back his painting tells me something from his heart…

    very nice pictures… we always want to keep some precious things and hope they will not fade in our memory.

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