The Old Place

After signing up to the Round Robin Photo Challenges a couple of weeks ago; I put on my walking shoes and spent an afternoon exploring an old district, Wanchai in HONG KONG.




Located at the intersection of 60 Johnston Road and Tai Wong Street East, this historic house was built circa 1888 – 1920. The shop houses were typical architecture at the turn of the 20th century, characterized by over-hanging balconies, over footpaths with stone pillars.












Formally a Chinese pawn shop owned and operated by the Lo Family, this historic building had been acquired and preserved as part of a re-devolvement project by the Urban Authority of Hong Kong.


A British restaurant, surprisingly named THE PAWN is a great hang out for the locals and tourists.  Sipping a bear or iced tea on its balcony and watching the trams go by is an unbeatable experience.


OVOlogue, a stylish Chinese Restaurant also occupies parts of the building. Highly rated for its contemporary Chinese cuisine, OVOlogue retains the original green shutters; a discreet glass door which leads to a spacious, high-ceiling dining room, with traditional wooden furniture.

Come and discover Hong Kong, make it your next travel destination..



~ by Molly Mavis on March 21, 2009.

20 Responses to “The Old Place”

  1. These pics look like movie stills! Bring back long forgotten memories for me… Coincidentally, I watched The White Countess again on DVD, in memory of Natasha Richardson. Your pictures here, esp. the tram, almost look like the movie set for that film! Even though you’re in HK, miles away from Shanghai.

  2. Hi Arti,
    I’m flattered you’re relating these pics to scenes in ‘The White Countess’.
    Guess certain parts of Shanghai and Hong Kong do have their resemblances.

    One of these days, I shall revisit Shanghai in late autumn for more photo opportunities. Great city!

  3. Aren’t old buildings great?!

    I played too 🙂

  4. Hi!
    That’s a beautiful building! Would be a great place to visit and be a tourist. Have a great day!!


  5. I immediately saw the british influence and loved the blue double deck bus too !
    I have never been to Hongkong, it must be a very interesting town !

  6. Old, perhaps, but it looks very well maintained. Nice collection!

  7. Hi Molly Mavis

    I think I would enjoy seeing Hong Kong one day, chinese cusine is one of our favorite types of food, in fact I recently signed up for a Cooking Chinese For Beginners class. Your photos make me want to come there one day even more. Neat place you chose to share, it’s fun how sometimes “The old place” becomes “the new place.”

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. beautiful! it’s so nice to view different styles of “old”….

  9. Great to see your view of Hong Kong. I have been enjoying Hong Kong vicariously through my husband. He is a retired Sailor that made many port calls to Hong Kong and has many stores of his adventures there. He has said that it is the only place on earth where you can have a western breakfast, Dim Sum (Chinese fast food) for lunch and a traditional English Christmas dinner complete with roast duck and plum pudding for supper.

    He also loved to jog on the footpath near the crown of Victoria Peak. Something he claims that most sailors did not even know existed.

    Love your blog and I will be back often.

  10. What a fascinating place! I had no idea there were such spots in Hong Kong. It would be fun to visit; now all I need to do is win the lottery (and play it first)! LOL! Nice job!

  11. I didn’t feel like a tourist at all. I felt like I was exploring with an old friend that knows the history of Hong Kong. Nice tour, thank you very much.

  12. Dear Friends,

    Thank you all for dropping by. You did well for the theme of ‘The Old Place’.

    You’re cordially invited to visit Hong Kong, let me show you around. There are loads of great photo opportunities,fine food and shopping. Best season is from Christmas until March, less humid with comfy weather.

    Wonder what is the theme is for our next Round Robin assignment?

    Bless you, see you in 2 weeks.

    Molly Mavis

  13. Very cool. I love the color of the double decker, and what you did with different angles. It’s wonderful to see old buildings from around the world in this Challenge!

  14. Did I just walk past it without seeing last time I was there? Thanks for opening my mind’s eye — I am longing for dim sum and iced tea…. My shout next time?

  15. What a beautiful tour you have provided with your camera. My son had told me how much he enjoyed Hong Kong and how I need to go visit with my camera. Maybe someday! Beautiful buildings and well preserved.

  16. What a wonderful place with so much to see.

  17. Fascinating place, and I love your photos of it. The angles, framing, and focus on telling details brings it alive for us. Thanks !

  18. Beautiful building!

  19. Thanks for the tour, very nice photos! Thanks for the comment over on my blog, YES that was snow in my photos is still hanging around but melting! 🙂

  20. Love the first and the fourth ones!!!
    These pics gave me an heavier twang of nostalgia than usual: Walter and I did wander around Wanchai but missed the Pawn 4 years ago! I do remember the double-decker tram ride all the way down to Sheung Wan, the dried seafood shops and then walking all the way up to yours. If not before, we’ll be surely back for our 10th wedding anniversary.

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