The Colors of Spring

The world is at its finest season, spring is here.   We bid farewell to the chilly days, the dull, winter sky and the predominant colors of the depressing grays and browns.

As the earth rejoices in spring, lets’ witness the color combinations of God’s creation.



 When God paints, it’s just awesome to behold.  I’m awed by the magnificent wonders and beauty of nature and its cop103067923lors. dsc0981820 p100028140p10503853p10503962p10505834


~ by Molly Mavis on April 13, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Colors of Spring”

  1. God sure paints in a variety of ways… here we’re still seeing remnant of snow on the ground, but spring is not far behind. Glad you’re enjoying some magnificent moments in your part of the world. Beautiful spring florals you have there.

  2. Arti,

    Praise the Lord for four seasons; He is the greatest painter ever.
    As much as I enjoy Spring, I do long for the colorful harvest of Fall. Vermont, USA is one of the best states for Autumn foliage, I can’t wait to visit again…maybe this coming Oct.

  3. This is a very interesting shot! I want to take picture like this.
    Nice to meet you..

  4. Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder condsider all the works thy hands have made…

    This beautiful hymn has popped up in my mind right at this moment and the beautiful words are still lingering on my mind…

    God’s creation is so magnificient……

    The photos are so beautiful…thanks for sharing

  5. These really are a beautiful display of God’s handiwork! Love each one Molly. Enjoy your Sunday and the week!

  6. Thank you Ellen, you too have a nice week ahead.
    Will definitely join in next time at the Round Robin. See you then…keep snapping.

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