Once again, I’ve signed up to the Round Robin Photo Challenge; the theme this time is ‘Floating’.  For someone that doesn’t swim but loves the water, these images pop up in my mind instantly.

Here I am reminiscing the past, sharing with you some of my earlier captures.   


A  freezing January morning at Heritage Park, Calgary, Canada.  Still and serene with temperature down to minus 25 C.  

DSC01716 - Copy

A change of scenery, the Water Lily Pond at Hong Kong Park.


 A balmy afternoon at Manly Beach, New South Wales, Australia. 

12 Apostles

The Twelve Apostles are located along the spectacular Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.  I listened to the crashing waves and stood by the sea in awe of it’s massiveness and it’s brillance.  Praise the Lord for His creation.


A lone branch was afloat at Glenmnore Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


My niece Veonie dipping in the pool on a hot summer day.


A view from Watsons Bay, the Sydney skyline is across the water.

Picture 154

Not to be alarmed….this Shark is at the Sydney Aquarium.


Star Ferry and the Ocean Terminal – Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.


An unforgettable Sydney Harbour sailing experience.

I’ve always loved the sea, that’s why I moved back to Hong Kong some years ago.  There’s nothing like living near the water, the calmness and serenity keep me sane.

Maybe one day I’ll  learn how to float…I can only hope.


~ by Molly Mavis on May 16, 2009.

16 Responses to “Floating”

  1. Hi Molly,
    I love all your photos, they are stunning!! My favorite is the last one. Would love to sail on a ship like that! Have a great day!!


  2. Hello Molly, When I see God’s creation it causes me to praise Him too. So much beauty for us to enjoy. Your photos are great…

  3. You definitely captured the theme!

    I played too 🙂

  4. Hi Molly Mavis


    I always enjoy your photography so very much. These were some of the prettiest images I have seen. I always feel like I am right there, in each and every scene!

    Well done.


  5. Hi Molly, These are beautiful! You have wonderful composition in each of your photos. My favorite is the lily pond, it looks like a painting.

    Mine is posted. Have a nice week end.

  6. Lovely floating shots!

  7. The last photo has to be my favorite, I can imagine it’s an experience one wouldn’t forget. I also love the shark photo. All are nicely done.

  8. All beautiful, beautiful pictures!!!!
    I really like the first one!!!
    The second one seems a Monet painting…. and the shark: cool!!!

  9. Such beautiful photos—and from such a great variety of locations!

  10. Heritage Park? I can’t believe it. It looks like a mysterious fishing village in a distant land, a dream like vision almost … I love that pic. All the others are fun and great, but this first one has some soul in it.

  11. A fascinating, and very nicely captured, photograph.

  12. Very nice interpretation of the theme ! all different !

  13. Love your photos. Especially like the angle on the lily pond to where we get a glimpse below the surface.

  14. A great collection of photos. The small boat in the fog and the sailing ship are especially arresting.

  15. Nice lively photos mate, well done.

  16. I feel the serenity and yet the abundacne of life is so vividly before my eyes!

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