A Walk by the Sea


Arm in arm this charming couple strolled by the sea shore, like a scene out of a movie.  I could hear their distant murmurs and gentle laughs; it was obvious that they enjoyed each another immensely.  

The air grew chill as the sun started to set, I watched with envy and wondered if they would share their Love Story with a stranger?  


~ by Molly Mavis on May 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “A Walk by the Sea”

  1. “Stranger on the shore, do you know that love stories are all the same, but not the same? Love is…. patiently endured. Now, our steps are together, unhurried. Home is just round the corner and we shall light a fire, do the puzzles, read the evening paper…”

  2. How wonderful scene it is, the beautiful old loving couple. They have so harmony steps and breath… that attracts me… good catching!

  3. This is one reminds me of a similar scene 3 years ago, Easter on the mountain Sanctuari of Oropa, North Piedmont, Italy. It was drizzling hard, with fog almost everywhere making the pictures natural black and white, then this old couple (almost look the very same!) came out of the fog, she holding onto his arm and onto her hat with the other hand, he steading her walk while holding a BRIGHT RED umbrella over them both. Walter and I (and 6months in the making Maya in my belly) sighed with tenderness and joy at the sight.

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