Looking Up

Photography has been my passion since I was kid.  I never go anywhere without my camera in search of precious photo moments.  Looking up and down, left to right, front and back, I’m always fascinated by what I see through the view finder.

What a great theme at the Round Robin Photo Challenges this time.   I’d like to share with you these moments on ‘Looking Up’.
















~ by Molly Mavis on June 13, 2009.

19 Responses to “Looking Up”

  1. What a beautiful set of pictures!

  2. The photos speak to your passion. They are all wonderful!

  3. these are all great looking up pictures! my favorite was of the amusement park ride; that was a very neat shot!!

    have a good day and thanks for visiting my journal too!


  4. Cool shots!

    I played too 🙂

  5. Beautiful, clear photos! Well done.

  6. Beautiful selection of looking up pictures ! I hope you don’t have a stiff neck now ! lol !

  7. Hello Molly Mavis 🙂

    You did some wonderful photography here. I have been so awe inspired by your takent. I love all the great angles on your photos, and I am still smiling from the photos of your puppy from our last challenge! Thank you so much for joining the Round Robins and bringing me a smile each time with your photography.


  8. Really pretty shots! My favorite is the sun. Nice.

  9. beautiful, beautiful photos!!
    but….where is Holly? 🙂

  10. Great looking up shots! I especially liked the sky shot in the ruins. Such atmosphere! Super job!

  11. Looks like you are always looking up! Nice shots…every single one of them. Thanks for sharing so many of them. I enjoyed thema all.

  12. What can I say… these are unique views of looking up. And the last one, the IFC building where Batman jumps down, Chris Nolan should have asked you to be on his promo team!

  13. What a great selection of Looking Up photos! My favorites are the “Flowers” sign, the arched windows and the sky scraper. But all of them are terrific.

  14. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your comment. The ‘Flowers’ sign was from Dublin, Ireland. The skyscraper is the IFC (International Finance Centre) in Hong Kong. My neck is still sore from taking these Looking Up pics….(just kidding)…it’s fun!

  15. You got a great selection of photos here, my favorite got to be of the sun!

  16. Hi Arti,

    I’m just an email away should Chris Nolan plan to add me to the Batman Promo Team. Ha!

    Thanks for your comment, wishful thinking!

  17. What a thoughtful response to the theme. Your photos are looking good. Also, I like your blog title. Never would have guessed from your pics you’re in HK…I enjoyed HK when I visited recently. Thank you for visiting my Singapore blog,

  18. What a wonderful and beautiful world to see when you are looking up! I enjoyed viewing the specticular shots.

  19. What a great selection of photographs. I would look at one and think .. I LIKE this then go to the next and think the same thing. All were wonderful and beautiful, thanks for sharing.

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