Bottled Up


It was pouring rain in Frankfurt, our group decided to stay in the hotel that afternoon.   I had nothing better to do but to photograph these lovely bottles of water.  I liked them so much that I ended up bringing the taller bottle back to Hong Kong.

Let’s see the rest of the entries from the Round Robin Photo Challenge.


~ by Molly Mavis on August 8, 2009.

7 Responses to “Bottled Up”

  1. I love the photo–the bottles are really beautiful and I like how you captured them next to the glass of the window.

  2. This is a nice photo, love the two bottles next to the window covered with rain, nice composition.

  3. Those are great bottles and your photo is fabulous!!

  4. Hi Molly Mavis 🙂

    I can see why you liked it. It has a nice shape to it, I can see using it as a vase. I think I would put a big Gerbera daisy in it. I like the window shot very much, there is something so lonely about it. It makes a person a bit reflective.

    Well done!


  5. they look like they are made from glass? or are they made from plastic?? I like the design of them!

    very nice entry 🙂

  6. The tall bottle has a fascinating shape — I can see why you were so taken with it. Very nice shot!

  7. For some reasons, your photo reminds me of the opening shot of the movie A Room With A View. Thanks for the visual delight.

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